D.I.Y. Transformable time telling machine.

Brand "H.I.D. Watch" Introduction

H.I.D. (Heritage Innovative Design), a watch brand focusing on bringing new ideas to the watch market. By mean of such, we have a few patented designs of our watches allowing our watches to be transformable, modified and customized in order to build a completely personalized wristwatch all via D.I.Y. process. Our main idea is to enable our watches to be transformed via simple process to suit the needs of the owners.After 2 years of design & development, we now have 4 different model series : T1D1 - Classic Cars' Series, T1D2 - 1,000ft Diving Series, T1D3 - Intaglio (Engraving) Series & T1D8 - Casino Series.At H.I.D. Watch, we only build high quality watches with our own design.


In the world filled with digital technology, watches functionally has turned from a purely time telling equipment to multi-tasking micro machine. From mechanical to digital watches era, watches development focus has changed generally. From our point of view, while innovative being part of our core elements, we would like to carry on with certain watchmaking traditions such as focusing on watches with mechanical movements.


For modern watches designs, innovative ideas are important and our philosophy is to make our creations creative. As a result, our design team came up with a concept of transformable watches which basically inspired by automotives industry where owners often customize / modify their cars to add a sense of personalization which we believe is important for future.


While ‘Heritage’ and ‘Innovative’ serve as important brand’s directional elements, what’s being more important towards our products’ development is the design concepts. We have chosen our design’s direction to be linked with automotives. To do so, we have chosen some classic sports cars as our design inspirations.

A concept of D.I.Y. transformable watchesYour TASTE = Your CHOICE

Conceptually, our design came from automotive world where car owners often modify / customize their rides to add a sense of personal taste / identify. Our watches follow this rule and with our unique patented case structure design, our watches can be D.I.Y. transformed via simple steps without the needs of any tool.

The “T1D1” (Classic Cars Series), "T1D2" (Diving Series), "T1D3" (Intaglio Edition) & "T1D8" (Casino Series) Mechanical Wristwatch

As our first model series, the 45mm 'T1D1 (Type 1 / Design 1)' Classic Cars Series launched in 2016 has a great success to us at H.I.D. (Heritage, Innovative & Design). With our concept of D.I.Y. transformable case design, which allows the watch to change its look via simple process. We further extended this transformable case design to our 2nd model series ‘T1D2 (Type 1/Design 2)’ Series which is a 1,000ft~304.8m Diving Watch (46mm) in July 2017. Now, we are proudly presenting 2 new models’ series Dec 2017 which include ‘T1D3’ “Intaglio Edition” and ‘T1D8’ “Casino Series”. Again, this all new model series continue with our transformable case concept and as well continue using our signature in-house Cal.173 movement which has the traits of offering an 80-Hours power reserve system.

The Dial Design

Inspired from a 1960s classic sports car model (Corvette C1), we took the design of the dashboard and applied it to our dial design. From which the center sub-second came from its rev counter, the upper half of the dial representing the minutes’ display and indicated by the red line indicator was inspired by the car’s speedometer, whereas the window display at 6:00 position indicate the hours.

The Movement (Cal.173) with 80 Hrs Power Reserve

As a watch carrying the theme of heritage, we have chosen to use our in-house mechanical movement Cal.173 (173 parts) which is our all new developed 4Hz (28,800 A/h), 21 jewels, automatic wind sweep second’s movement. Functionally, the uniqueness of this movement is the capability of providing up to 80+ hours (3 days+) power-reserve via a single barrel system along with its effective bi-directional winding rotor.

The Materials

Being an innovative watch brand, we focus on adopting newer materials for our watches. In which the inner case structure uses finest surgical grade 304L stainless steel coated with harden I.P. type materials in order to gain a sense of durability making it stylish and suitable for daily use. Besides, as our watch design structurally contain the trait of having a removable outer case, our outer cases come with various materials variations allowing watch lovers to select and choose the combination that best suit their personal taste. By means of this, we are initially offering customers 5 different materials finishing for our outer case such as in Stainless Steel (Silver tone solid stainless steel with sand blasted finish), Carbon Fiber (Black, machined from solid forged carbon fiber material), Bronze (stainless steel material specially coated in light green bronze tone with aging effect), Gun Metal (stainless steel material specially coated in gun metal tone with aging effect), Rose Gold (stainless steel material specially coated in rose gold tone with shinny sand blasted finish).

The Unique Transformable Outer Case Locking System

For the ease of transformation, we have specially designed a simple and functional patented locking system for securely locking the outer case with the inner case body. By simply removing the leather straps by our specially designed quick release system, follow by unscrewing the crown to unlock position, the double locking system of our outer case is now ready to be released. (Such idea is to offer the outer case a double locking to ensure the reliability of the watch during extreme condition such as sport activities.) By now users can easily lift up the outer case from the top and replace a different outer case to transform your HID watch.

An all new concept ofwristwatch that can be D.I.Y. modified

The uniqueness of HID’s patented case design allows owners to modify their wristwatches via simple steps all by themselves without the needs of any helping tools. Just like driving your car, your hands do the controls.

Find us from our retail / distrution partners below:

(Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia & U.S.A.)

La Suisse Watch Company (Mong Kok)

Shop A-C, G/F. Silver Commercial Building, 719 Nathan Road, Mongkok, KOWLOON
Tel: (852) 2394-1692

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Europe Watch Company (TST East)

G/F & 1/F, The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Tel: (852) 2723 0773

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Oriental Watch Company (Central)

G/F., 100 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3470 0061

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Kit Shing Watch Co. Ltd. (Yuen Long)

Shop 5, G/F, Healey Building, 211-233 Yuen Long Main Road, Yuen Long, N.T.
Tel: (852) 2476 1482

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Time Super (Mong Kok)

Shop G35, G/F, Sino Centre, 582-592 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon
Tel: (852) 2384 0768

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Time House (Causeway Bay)

Shop No.254, 2/F., Laforet Excelsior Plaza, 24-26 East Point Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2476 1482

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MidPoint Time (Mong Kok)

Shop 26, 1/F, Trendy Zone, Chau Tai Fook Centre, 580A Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon,
Tel: (852) 2136 6838

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Chronos (Fortress Hill)

Shop 1A, G/F., AT Tower, 180 Electric Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2856 9999

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T-8 (TST)

Shop No.5 2002-3, 2/F. Miramar Shopping Center, 132-134 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon,
Tel: (852) 2856 2828

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Time House (Shatin)

Shop 55, Citylink Plaza, 1 Shatin Station Circuit, Shatin, N.T.
Tel : (852) 2602 3398

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L319, The One, No.100, Nathan Road, TST, Kowloon,
Tel: (852) 6999-8281 / Email : brand-hk@secoo.com

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Watch Asia (Mong Kok)

Shop 8-9, G/F, Paradise Square, 3 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon
Tel: (852) 2972 2278

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Shop 223, 2/F., In’s Point, 530-538 Nathan Road, Kowloon
Tel: (852) 3468-2524

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Indonesia (Retailer) STB Watches

Address: JL. Sultan Iskandar Muda 168, Kebayoran Lama. Jakarta Selatan 12240, Indonesia.
Phone : +62 822 4639 8209 / Email : sales@stbwatches.com

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Japan (Distributor) IMEX WORLD CO.,LTD.

Fukushima-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan
Email : nakagawa@imexworld.net

H.I.D. – JAPAN Website

Japan (Retailer) HANDA WATCH WORLD

2-17-8, Nishiogiminami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel : +81-3-3332-8755 / Email : info@misuzu.com

Contact HANDA Watch World

Malaysia (Distributor) ARES X APHRODITE TRADING

15, Aintang Kenanga, Butterworth, 13000 Penang, Malaysia
Tel : 017-502-2842 / Email : cjyiee@hotmail.com

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F-10, 1st Floor Ipoh Parade, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, Greentown, Perak 30450, Malaysia
Tel : +605-243 3728 / Email : raymanwai5843@gmail.com

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Pinang (Retailer) GH TIME

3-196, Megamal Pinang, 2828, Jalan Baru, Bandar Perai Jaya, 13600 Prai, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Tel : 017-502-2842 / Email : cjyiee@hotmail.com

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Singapore (Distributor) TVG PTE LTD.

333A, ORCHARD ROAD, #02-28A, 238897, SINGAPORE
Tel: +65 67027191 / Email: enquiry@tvg.com.sg

TVG WebsiteGoogle Map

台北: 群豐鐘錶公司

Tel : (02) 2388-5089

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桃園: 都會鐘錶 City Time

Tel: (03) 422-9643

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嘉義: 現代鐘錶時尚館

Tel : (05) 216-9166 / Hotline : (05) 227-3200

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高雄: 港都春天有限公司

Tel : (07) 533-2848

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高雄: 歐楓時計

Tel : (07) 201-6058

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高雄: 芯動時刻有限公司

Tel : (07) 777-7780

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U.S.A. (Distributor) Kors International Holdings Limited

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