P010108BLU (Optional Outer Case)



Outer Case
Bright Blue Coated (Fits T1D1, T1D3, T1D8 models)

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Model : P010108BLU (Optional Outer Case)

Optional outer case for T1D1, T1D3 & T1D8 model series – This allow your watch to be transformed via our patented D.I.Y. system without the needs of any tool.


Made out of high grade stainless steel 316L via die-casting process, then machined via CNC machining process individually to ensure the fine lining details. The side of the outer case is skeletonized to give finer lining details.

  • This stainless steel based mat blue outer case is specially coated with IP blue coating.

Outer case system

When we designed our products, 1st we wanted our watches to be unique while the look can be transformed, we also want this transformation process to be simple and easy to apply via D.I.Y. process. That how we came up with this outer case system which allows interchangeable parts to be used with certain models.